Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New direction...

So I think by this point I'm throwing in the towel on daily updates and detailed day by day reports of what's going on in my life. Even as deficient of debauchery as my life is it's still difficult to find time to write multiple page posts using the literary prowess to which anyone who follows this blog is accustomed. That being said, I'll give a quick update on what I've been up to and a lead in to what is happening next.

I have spent the last 8 days in Toronto, staying with my Grandmother and visiting with other family I have in the city. It's been completely wonderful. Hitting the tennis ball or working out in the mornings, making the trek out to Oakville to hit the racquetball in the afternoons, and returning in the evenings to wonderful dinners and warm, wine-enabled conversations foraying into the twilight hours.Hopefully my attitude won't be too snobby upon my return to a more "normal" existence...

I am looking forward to the upcoming national team selection event, and being able to spend more time with my family afterwards before heading to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for some RnR :) Considering some of the very strong players in the mens draw whose rankings are deflated due to lack of play, I feel like I have a pretty solid draw. It looks as if I will get Kurtis Cullen, a youngster from Manitoba in the 16's and then the winner of what could be the best round of 16 match in the draw: Eric Desrochers vs. James Landeryou.

These two played several times throughout juniors, with Eric winning the majority of those matches but the most recent head to head saw James take the victory. Given, that victory was a couple of seasons ago, but you can't ignore the most recent result when trying to ascertain the most probable outcome. By all accounts, both players have been training hard this season and are playing well so I (and many others I'm sure) are looking forward to that match in particular. For the record though, my money's on lil bro ;)

Other early round matches to watch are Pedro Castro (8) vs. Francis Guillemette (9), Nathaniel Husulak (6) vs. Barret Husulak (11) and Lee Connell (7) vs. Coby Iwasaa (10). Looking forward to some great racquetball this weekend :) Stay tuned!


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