Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Selection Event Finals

Reigning Canadian Champions on both the Men's and Women's sides emerged victorious on Sunday as Mike Green defeated Vincent Gagnon 15-8, 15-0 to win his third selection event in a row (along with his victory at the 2011 National Championships and Montreal Selection Event). Jen Saunders faced off against Frederique Lambert in a much tighter battle but after dropping the first game, still managed to come out on top winning 12-15, 15-8, 11-7.

My match with Jamie seemed to take a lot out of me as I floundered against Kris in the 3/4 match, losing badly. Overall though, Saskatchewan did very well in the Men's side of the competition, capturing 5 out of the top 8 positions (Kris 3rd, Me 4th, Nate 5th, Lee 7th and James 8th). If this tournament taught me anything (other than the fact that Jamie is still quite a bit lighter than I am) it's that I definitely have seen some detraining as a result of being on the road for the better part of 2 months. Hitting the gym hard will definitely be high on the priority list after I get back and over the holidays so hopefully I can bounce back and improve on this result at the February selection event in Regina.

For now though, I'm on the tail end of my journey, as I head back to Mexico on Saturday to relax with friends and family before going back to Saskatoon for the holidays on December 12th. After having been away from home for 2 months it will definitely feel good to be home. If anything really exciting happens in Vallarta I'll make sure to update but don't hold your breath ;) Cheers for now.


UPDATE: James had his wrist looked at upon arriving home and has a followup appointment scheduled for tomorrow (thursday) which should hopefully see him with a new waterproof cast on for the trip down south. With any luck this will be the case and he will still be able to enjoy the pool/ocean while in Mexico. My thoughts and prayers are with him and I hope yours are too.

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