Tuesday, 21 February 2012

San Diego Bound!

"F***!", I said loudly as I rolled over in bed and saw the clock.

"F***, f***, f***!", I repeated as I checked the time again to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I wasn't... the clock read 6:27am. My flight was departing in 33 minutes and I was still in bed.

"Oh my God baby what happened?!?", Kaitlyn exclaimed as I shot out of bed and she saw the clock as well.

"I don't know I must have turned the alarm off and fallen back asleep. Get up we need to go!"

We both got up and changed as quickly as we could and sprinted out to the car. By some miracle the traffic was almost non-existent and there were no lines at both the ticket counter and security check. The ticket agent had to call down to make sure the bag would have enough time to get on the plane before checking it but after a hasty goodbye with Kaitlyn in the car, everything else went fairly smoothly. I had checked in the night before so a lot of the work had been done already but this was one of the closest calls I've ever had (and anyone who was in Korea knows I've had some close ones!).

I was still not quite awake and completely exhausted from only getting 5 hrs of sleep the night before so I was able to sleep on both legs of my flight and arrived safely in San Diego for the IRT pro stop at 11:15am. I will definitely be setting multiple alarms in the future though! For anyone who wants to keep tabs on the tournament the website is sd-open.com. Hopefully I will have time to do some posting while the tournament is going on and post up some pics as well.


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