Saturday, 5 January 2013

First Round Matches

With the first day of play concluded, I suppose it's the appropriate time for a rundown of the action so far. While there have been no major upsets yet in the tournament there has nonetheless been some very entertaining and exciting squash. Here is a quick overview of the rd of 16 and quarterfinal match ups.

Nova Scotia (6) d. Canadian Forces (11)
The Canadian Forces put up a valiant effort but in the end the Nova Scotia contingent was simply too strong. They move into the quarter finals with a  3-0 victory.

Prince Edward Island (9) d. New Brunswick (8)
In the only upset of the tournament so far PEI moves onto the quarter finals by upsetting the 8th seeded New Brunswick squad 3-0.

Saskatchewan (7) vs Northwest Territories (10)
Al Fern (SK) d. Brooke Harker (NWT)
Al took control early and didn't let go. His opponent put a few solid rallies together and and made several great shots over the course of the match but Al's superb length and touch in the front court made him too dangerous and he would take the match 3-0.

Tim Landeryou (SK) d. Spider Jones (NWT)
Tim's pace mixed with drops and boasts to the front court kept Spider off balance for most of the match. The #1 from NWT became more aggressive  as the match went on to try and compete, but ultimately couldn't match Landeryou's retrieval abilities. Landeryou would take the match 3-0.

Daryl Foreman (SK) d. Terry Gray (NWT)
While this was the tightest of the 3 matches, Daryl was still in control for most of it. The NWT representative made great shots at points in the match and actually had leads in the 2nd and 3rd games. Daryl responded by tightening up his game, keeping the ball in play and forcing errors from his opponent at key points to take the match 3-0.

Internet's been spotty at the hotel so it's been difficult to upload posts. I should be able to get the quarterfinal results and today's up later tonight. Stay tuned!

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