Saturday, 5 January 2013

Quarter Final Results

Things are rolling along in the tournament with the top 4 seeds advancing to the semi finals. This will set up what promises to be an extremely tough and entertaining matchup between #2 Alberta and #3 Ontario. Before we get to that though, let's quickly go through the quarter final match ups...

Quebec (1) d. PEI (9)
After upsetting the 8th seeded New Brunswick squad, PEI found themselves in a tough position against the top seeded Quebec team. They would force some lengthly rallies by retrieving a lot of balls but ultimately the host team was simply too skilled and would take the contest 3-0.

Manitoba (4) d. Quebec #2 (5)
I unfortunately didn't get a chance to watch much of this contest, but Manitoba had slightly more depth on their team which allowed them to edge out the host province's second team 2-1.

Ontario (3) d. Nova Scotia (6)
Nova Scotia comes into the tournament with a strong team but ran into a juggernaut squad from Ontario who will definitely be in the running to win the tournament. There was simply too much skill and fitness for the atlantic team to compete with and Ontario would move on 3-0.

Alberta (2) d. Saskatchewan (7)
The very strong Alberta squad overwhelmed the SK players on every match. This will set up what should be a thrilling matchup between Alberta and Ontario in the semi finals.

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