Monday, 11 February 2013

Keystone Banquet/Sunday Morning

What a weekend! I think I may need to sleep for a week to make up for the past few days but definitely worth it (the Keystone never disappoints).

I gave a rundown of saturday's matches in my previous post, and though the day started late (11:45am first match) we were at the courts for the entire day, not getting back to our hotel room until 6pm. This gave us an hour to relax (and write my post about Saturday's matches) and get ready for the banquet saturday night. I had invited a friend living in Winnipeg to join us as she had never been to a racquetball tournament (or the club Opera we were going to check out later on) so she met us in the lobby at 7:30 and we proceeded to the banquet room.

Dinner was fantastic (as always) and following the meal was another epic period of games. These were somewhat more tame than in past years (I have a feeling that Sue Livingston's lesser involvement this year had something to do with that) but were extremely fun nonetheless. The games being concluded, we took our leave to check out Opera, a swank club in the exchange district housed in an old bank building. I wish I could say we took full advantage of our surroundings and partied the night away but unfortunately I had to play in the Pro Final the next day, and with $350 and my undefeated season on the line, I wanted to make sure I was prepared. Regardless, a good time was still had by all, enjoying friendly company and our own private booth (champagne service included!). We left the club about 1am and dropped our friend off with some of her friends nearby before heading back to the hotel and immediately going to bed.

I was rudely awakened after a paltry 6 hours of sleep by Jamie's alarm. Due to our long day at the club on saturday, he has missed the timing of his pain meds (that he takes for Crohn's Disease) and subsequently had not felt well for most of the evening. The early morning dose was in an effort to get back on track - good for him, bad for Tim's sleep schedule. The icing on the insomnia cake were the kids (I'm just assuming here, what kinds of adults do this) running around in the hallway above our room until 830am. The brief respite allowe me to get back to sleep by 845am, only to be woken by my own alarm 15mins later. Not yet ready for sunday to begin, my frantic slapping motions eventually found the snooze button on my phone and the warm embrace of rest was restored once more... for 10mins... It would be 2 more snoozes before I begrudgingly dragged myself from bed. In my post-somnia haze, my thought patterns were reduced to one-word grumbles...
"Bathroom", "ugh", "coffee", "no", "pants", "ok", "now coffee", "yes".

Needless to say it was a rough start to the day, but as is its custom, caffeine was able to restore a semblance of my humanity, and a small breakfast and half litre of water later I felt almost ready to face the day. This post is getting quite long though so I will break down the final match against Coby in my next post. Stay tuned!

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