Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nationals: Day 2

Well doubles play wrapped up today and was unfortunately anticlimactic in most respects. We began the day playing in the blue semi final against the Quebec team of Hugo Laprise and Sebastien Juteau. With the pressure they were able to put on 2nd seeds Green and Iwasaa in the quarter finals, we were ready for a scappy and tough team. What we found was a lot of inconsistency. We were able to control play from the beginning and didn't let up. I commented to Jamie that this must have been how the Murray's felt against us yesterday, to which he chuckled ruefully. In the other semifinal, the Husulak brothers came out on top of Kurtis Cullen and Tanner Mattson in a somewhat deflated tiebreaker so it was the Landeryou and Husulak brothers battling it out for 5th place. The match later that afternoon that decided it was yet again not as tense as I thought it was going to be. We played a smart game and where they were a little off we were on from the start. Every left up pass we were able to finish and we were able to neutralize well and force them to try and be offensive from deep court. They played a bit better to make things tight at the beginning of the second but we were able to get back to our game plan and finish it off two straight.

Ours weren't the only matches that went fairly routinely either. In the 3/4 playoff, 1st seeds Eric Desrochers and Pedro Castro easily defeated the 6th seeded Murray brothers and the final saw 2nd seeds Mike Green and Coby Iwasaa easily beat surprise finalists Lee Connell and Francis Guillemette 2 straight as well.

On the women's side, reigning champions Jen Saunders and Josee Grand Maitre won their 9th National Doubles Championship, beating Christine Richardson and Brigitte Richard in a much more contested match than any on the men's side 11-5 tiebreaker. This was the last women's match in a round robin draw and Richardson/Richard finished 3rd due to an earlier loss.

That wraps up doubles! I'm excited for singles now :)

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