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Mall/VIP Cinemas

October 28, 2011

So today we made plans to go to a movie at the Cineapolis VIP (VIP Cinemas) with Alana and her boyfriend Isaac later that night. There was a 740 and 1020 showtime and by mid afternoon we still hadn't heard back from Alana to make sure they were coming so we headed over to the mall to do some "snooping". For those not in the know, snooping is used here to refer to the act of going through a mall, perhaps looking at potential purchase opportunities but not intending to actually buy anything. For the most part we accomplished this goal.

Kaitlyn with the set in the back

We arrived and were hungry, but first Kaitlyn had to find a bathroom. I'm starting to wonder how she functions on a daily basis with having to make stops every hour... but anyway we found one and then began looking for a food court. On our way we passed a large open area with what looked like a set for a talk show put together. It didn't look like anything was happening anytime soon so we kept on going. The promise of sustenance our motivation.

Enjoying donut nirvana :)
 We happened upon a Krispy Kreme and for anyone who is unfamiliar, Krispy Kreme is head and shoulders above any other donut brand I've tasted. I would go as far as saying you haven't really had a donut until you've had a Krispy Kreme. We soldiered on, eventually finding the food court. Kaitlyn ordered something suspiciously like an authentic Mexican dish while I went my own way and decided on a nice greasy burger and fries :) Our appetites sated, we explored the mall a little more, walking into a few stores but not willing to buy anything. The stores here were very similar in both product and price to back home, so the monetary incentive was absent.

 After a while we came to an arcade. Since we still had some time to kill we decided to check it out. As it happened the tokens were 2 for 1 that day, so we bought 200 pesos worth of tokens (for 100 pesos) and started playing. There were some really enjoyable games there, as well as some real disappointments, but the best was definitely the miniature bowling. While we were there Alana called Kaitlyn and let her know they could make the 1020 show so we headed up to the cinema to grab the tickets. Another cool aspect of the theater was that you were able to purchase specific seats within it. We chose 4 seats near the center and were on our merry way. It was about 730 by this time so we still had some time to kill. We found a starbucks and decided to get some caffeine in our system. I'm not sure what it is about malls, but after walking around in one for a few hours it seems to have a lullaby effect on me. I'm not especially tired but I feel the overwhelming urge to lay down and sleep. Caffeinated drinks in tow, we happened upon a sponsored television showing synchronized diving from the games! We sat down, sipped our drinks and enjoyed some very talented divers perform some pretty crazy aerial feats.

Enjoying mini-bowling!
At 9pm the show was over so we played some cards until almost 10 then headed up to the cinemas again. Alana and Isaac weren't far behind so after they showed up we said a quick hello then headed into the theater. This theater was both very alike and very different from other theaters I have been to. Imagine the cinema equivalent of first class on an air plane. Yes there are still seats, aisles and overhead compartments but everything is a little bigger and nicer than what you find in coach, not to mention there are waiters scattered around waiting to take care of your every need. You just want some popcorn and a soft drink? Sure! But perhaps you'd rather have a margarita and some sushi or a full on dinner? They can accommodate all desires. Oh, did I forget to mention the seats were reclinable Lazy Boys??? Seats were set up 2 each, with and end table and light on either side (kind of like a loveseat) and the arm rest in between the 2 could be pushed up to create a more cuddle-friendly experience. All in all, it was nothing less than first class. Moneyball, the movie we saw, was also really great. Based on the true story of the initial application of economics into professional sport it was both interesting and entertaining and I would highly recommend going to see it if you haven't already.

Anyway the movie concluded and we retired back to the house for a nice long sleep. We're planning to head to Ixtapa on the 31st after the closing ceremonies on the 30th so I'll keep you posted on that.


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