Thursday, 13 October 2011

Travel day to Guadalajara

My ability to procrastinate never ceases to amaze me. After spending most of the morning and afternoon packing and preparing to leave the country I headed to the YMCA to get a final practice session in before leaving this morning. It went well and afterward grabbed a quick meal at my parents house before finishing up packing back home. Long story short Kaitlyn (my fiancee) came over and we watched a movie and chatted for a bit. My procrastinatory effort led to a later night than I was hoping; sleep finally embracig me around 12:30am.

Whoever decided that 6:30am flights were a good idea is hopefully enjoying a lengthly subjugation to oversized suppository testing. Luckily my ability to perform menial tasks (packing and driving to the airport for example) in a zombie-like state has been honed over many years of travel and my talent for sleeping on transportation vehicles is uncanny as well. After a lengthly nap on the first leg of the flight (to Denver) and a delicious smoothie upon landing and clearing customs almost instantly subdued my zombie rage and I am feeling much more like a human being. I'll write another post when we arrive in Guadalajara later tonight but they are loading the next flight so I will sign off for now.

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