Monday, 17 October 2011

Round Robins Day 1

The first day of racquetball competition went fairly well for Team Canada. All players won their first round robin matches somewhat easily, with the exception of one men's singles match. Mike Green (current national champion) lost a close tiebreaker match to Luiz Perez of the Dominican Republic. The next 2 days are preliminary matches however, so no one is eliminated. The matches are played to determine seeding in the elimination draw which will begin on thursday. Our doubles match itself was somewhat easy although a delayed shuttle ride almost caused us to be late for the match! Thus a somewhat rushed warmup caused a slow start in game 1 before finding our rhythm and cruising through the next game and a half.

Tomorrow will be a tougher match, in fact from here on out they will only get more difficult as the days go on. We play the dominican team who lost in 2 close games to the 4th seeded argentinian pair. We are a better team but anything can happen at this altitude, especially with a young, scrappy team like the dominican.

 The court facilities where the matches are played is quite nice, although there is a half flight of stairs up to the court entrance (as if the 5000 ft elevation above sea level wasn't enough already) which presumably provide better viewing, but are much different from courts I'm used to playing on. The spectator seating looks new and fairly comfortable, so I'm sure those watching the matches will be able to enjoy them immensely. That's it for today though, look for more results tomorrow!

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  1. Way to go Team Canada - keep up the great work. Trying to follow the event from home is tough. The time on the schedule is not what has been happening.

    Cheering you on from north of the 49th!